The Greatest Single Hero

Conflict: World War I

Deemed by General Pershing as the “greatest single hero in the American forces” of World War I, Samuel Woodfill—a shy, modest man—would probably never have achieved national fame if granted his own wishes. As one reporter recounted, “It was evident … Continue reading

Flak Attacks

Conflict: Vietnam, World War II

Flak is an abbreviation for a German anti-aircraft (Fliegerabwehrkanone) that dawned in popularity during WWII. It was launched from the ground toward invading enemy aircraft and set to explode at a certain altitude. When the flak detonated, shrapnel flung in … Continue reading

Smiljka’s Story

Conflict: World War II

From the depths of war and struggle come the small but inspiring stories of normal people. Their lives, once ordinary and quiet, become extraordinary as everything they know is uprooted and changed into an unrecognizable tangle of problems. The second … Continue reading