The Quasi-War

Conflict: Uncategorized

You may think that following the Revolutionary War, the United States wasn’t involved in another war with a foreign nation until the War of 1812—but that’s not entirely true. America was involved in two unofficial wars during this time, one … Continue reading

The Greatest Single Hero

Conflict: World War I

Deemed by General Pershing as the “greatest single hero in the American forces” of World War I, Samuel Woodfill—a shy, modest man—would probably never have achieved national fame if granted his own wishes. As one reporter recounted, “It was evident … Continue reading

The Hello Girls

Conflict: World War I

In late 1917, General John Pershing called for women to fill the ranks of the U.S. Army Signal Corps as telephone-switchboard operators over in France. He wanted women to direct calls across the warzone, freeing up their male counterparts in the Signal … Continue reading