Captain Sally

Conflict: Civil War

Sally Tompkins was no ordinary woman. Not only did she run a hospital with the lowest death rate of any in the Civil War, but she was also the only woman to be commissioned an officer in the Confederate army. … Continue reading

The Swamp Fox

Conflict: Revolutionary War

No one who saw Francis Marion as a small and sickly child would’ve thought he’d amount to much. Even as an adult he remained diminutive, had malformed legs and ankles, and wasn’t physically attractive. But Marion, later nicknamed the “swamp … Continue reading

Women of WWII: WACs

Conflict: World War II

They served in England, France, Italy, the South Pacific, North Africa, India, and numerous other countries, as well as stateside. They worked with the Army as typists, file clerks, and stenographers, but also in over 200 other types of positions, … Continue reading