The Doctor

Conflict: Uncategorized

Today we celebrate the life of famous civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. It is well known that he was an inspirational speaker, a religious man, and an advocate of peaceful change. But here are some lesser-known facts about … Continue reading

Hitler’s Hideout

Conflict: World War II

On January 16, 1945, Hitler descended into his “Führerbunker,” where he would spend most of the remaining 105 days of his life. The bunker was built fifty-five feet beneath Hitler’s New Reich Chancellery in Berlin and became the new Nazi headquarters … Continue reading


Conflict: World War II

Lyudmila Pavlichenko, sniper in the Red Army‘s 25th Rifle Division, was the most successful female sniper in history. In just one year of the Second World War, Pvt. Pavlichenko had a record 309 kills, including 36 enemy snipers. This record would have … Continue reading