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Valentine's Day lovebirds

Valentine’s Day lovebirds—from the Chicago Daily Tribune, February 1922

Are you fretting this Valentine’s Day about the perfect gift to give that special someone? The usual flowers, red teddy bears and heart-shaped chocolate boxes just aren’t going to cut it this year, you think to yourself. Something more significant is needed, something spectacular! Well fret no longer, lovebirds. Below is presented a Valentine’s Day idea that will be sure to get your honey’s heart pounding!

A certain young woman who lived in Chicago had a yearning to show her Milwaukee man┬áthe depth of her devotions, so she came up with a plan that was sure to make all past and future valentines fade away into obsolescence. She wanted it kept secret, so as not to spoil the surprise for her sweetheart, but the Chicago Sunday Tribune couldn’t pass up the chance to talk about her crazy plan. With names withheld, they describe the young lady’s Valentine’s surprise, after commenting that once it’s explained, readers will understand the secrecy—and hope the girl doesn’t suffocate.

Paragraph from Chicago Sunday Tribune article about the young woman's Valentine's surprise

Paragraph from Chicago Sunday Tribune article about the young woman’s Valentine’s surprise

Yes! The girl meant to ship herself to Illinois in a package labeled with her fiance’s name. A foolproof plan, certainly, and very romantic indeed. Perhaps you are wondering if this brave gal ever went through with this unusual gift? Who knows. But will this brilliant idea inspire some unexpected Valentine’s Day packages this year?

Disconcerting worries presented by the article's author

Disconcerting worries presented by the article’s author

On second thought, maybe some flowers will do just fine.

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