Cobbler Wounded in Battle of North Point

Conflict: War of 1812

Battle of North Point by Don Troiani

On September 12, 1814, Stanfield Abell, a member of the Maryland Militia in the War of 1812, received debilitating wounds at the Battle of North Point. He “received two separate wounds, one in his neck which has in a great measure deprived him of the use of his right arm and has ever since prevented him from working at his trade which is that of a cordwainer [a craftsman who created fine shoes].”   The second injury he received was “a musket ball in the left thigh…”

Stanfield Abell's injuries at the Battle of North Point

After the war, Abell received a pension of $254 to support his family.

Stanfield Abell's pension

Stanfield Abell's pension

The Battle of North Point delayed the British in storming Baltimore, which allowed the US to prepare their defenses for a victory in the Battle of Baltimore. Marylanders still celebrate Defenders Day to commemorate the Battle of North Point.

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